Scott-Free in 2015

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Almost eight years ago The Scott-Free Scholarship Foundation, (Scott-Free SF) opened its heart to ensure that all children; regardless of financial status have an opportunity to attend a summer camp program. Since then, with increasing numbers, at-risk children and families have come to Scott-Free from both within and outside of North Carolina.

The children whom SF serves are not unlike your children or mine… They have dreams of a safe and happy family home life where there is ample food on the table, loving parents, a coat and gloves for cold winter days and the promise that there are endless possibilities that the world has to offer.

Community: Scott-Free opened its doors to help those families and children in the community, who are currently experiencing risk in their lives, each stemming from various reasons. It is a broad spectrum that encompasses children; who emerge from a loving household with limited funds to those who face mental illness, domestic abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, and homelessness. Since inception, Scott-Free has provided more than 320 summer camp adventures to at-risk children. In 2014, the generosity and support of a caring community along with amazing camp partnerships provided the gift of unique summer camp adventures for 48 at-risk children.

Scott-Free relies on support from the community, both individuals and local businesses coupled with modest funding generated by an annual SF fundraising gala and online raffle; but our foundation and strength to offer summer camp opportunities stems from our camp partnerships.

The SF Board and Volunteers: The Scott-Free members consists of an Elementary/Middle School Principal, Entrepreneurs, Health and Fitness Trainer, Financial Advisor, Retiree’s, Social Worker, all, who in addition to their daily careers, donate their services freely 100% of the time.


Through Direct and Social Media Outreach:
With a warm hand of humility, I ask you to touch the spirit of giving. As we begin a new year with new possibilities; please consider reaching deep into your heart and your pockets to help Scott-Free send at-risk children to summer camp in 2015.


With heartfelt thanks,

Deborrah Jeffreys Gruder and The Scott-Free Scholarship Foundation

Scott-Free in 2015