2016 Campers and Looking Ahead

Dear Scott-Free Campers and Families,

As our camp season draws to a close, Scott-Free would like to remind each camper of the requirements for our 2017 camp season.  In order to be eligible for consideration for another camp scholarship from Scott-Free each camper must complete the following three requirements:

1.  Submit a camper essay.  (Due September 25, 2016)

2.  Complete a minimum of 4 hours of community service by December 31, 2016;

3.  Submit an essay about your community service experience by January 5, 2016.  Please ensure you get contact information for someone whom you served or oversaw your service so that Scott-Free can verify your hours.

If these three criteria are completed, then a former camper is eligible for consideration of a camp scholarship and urged to re-apply beginning January 1, 2017!  We look forward to reading your essays and seeing you back next year!

Scott-Free requests that parents with pictures from their child’s summer camp adventure select the best 6 photos and send to [email protected].  At present, Scott-Free is working to update the website and would appreciate new pictures of our campers and our camps!

Camper Essays

Camp essays are due September 25, 2016.  Please go online to www.scott-free.org and select “campers” from the drop down menu to electronically submit your essay.


1.  What should I write about?

Here at Scott-Free,  we are eager to hear all about your camp experience.  You can write about food, activities, likes, dislikes, new friends, how you felt at camp, what could be improved at camp, and anything else you can think of.  Your essay is limited only by your imagination!

2.  How long does my essay need to be?

There is no special length for your essay, but most campers write about one page typed. Please remember to include in the body of your essay;  Name of Camp, Year Attended.

Community Service

The community service requirement is a minimum four hour requirement.  Community service should be completed by December 31, 2016 and the essay telling about your community service experience submitted no later than midnight on January 5, 2017.


1.  Why do I have to do community service?

Scott-Free was founded as an organization that would be a friend to children. The board of directors along with volunteers from the community work in their free time to make camp experiences possible. By helping someone else, a camper can feel like a valuable member of the community paying kindness forward to a stranger as Scott-Free has done for them.

2.  Where can children volunteer?

Scott-Free suggests volunteering to help somewhere that is easy to get to or somewhere that the camper already goes.  Campers should try asking people at their place of worship, in their neighborhood, at their school, the local library, a hospital, or at a nursing home.  Everyone needs help sometime!  By being aware and asking questions campers can easily find ways to help in their communities.

Ideas other campers have come up with include serving lunch in nursing homes, visiting with nursing home residents, working with the Angel Tree program, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, walking a neighbor’s dog, doing yard work for a neighbor, cleaning their church, feeding the homeless, helping a teacher, helping an elderly person, and helping the school librarian.  Campers should look for someone who needs their help and fill the need!

Community Service Essays

The community service essay is a way for Scott-Free to learn about the ways that children are serving the community and how community service benefits our campers.  These essays are due January 5, 2014 and should be submitted via the Scott-Free website, www.scott-free.org.  Click on the “campers” link from the drop down menu.


1.  What should I write about?

A good community service essay will answer the following questions:

  • How did I identify the need in my community? (example: I noticed my church was looking for volunteers, I saw my neighbor’s dog barked when they were gone at work, etc.)

  • What did I do to fill the need? (example: I asked the Pastor how to volunteer, I spoke to my neighbor about walking the dog while they were at work, etc.)

  • What did I learn from helping others? How did I feel about helping others?

Please share anything else that you feel is important for Scott-Free to know about your community service and how it made someone else’s life better.  We are always excited to hear about the things our campers are doing for others!

2.  How long does my essay need to be?

There is no special length for your essay, but most campers write about one page typed.


It has truly been a pleasure to assist your family this camp season and we look forward to another exceptional year in 2016!  Please remember to mark your calendars with the important dates outlined in this letter so that this year’s camper will meet requirements for consideration in 2016!

September 25,2016– Camp Essay is DUE

December 31, 2016– Community Service MUST be Complete

January 5, 2017– Recipient Form and Community Service Essay are DUE


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