A Style of Camping for Everyone

Image Credit: andyballard

Image Credit: andyballard

A Style of Camping for Everyone


For some, the term camping conjures up images of starry nights, marshmallows roasting and crickets chirping. When others think of camping, they might picture just a backpack, a pair of hiking boots and wide-open spaces. And many others think that stepping out of a home-on-wheels onto the forest floor is the ultimate camping experience. There truly is a style of camping for every degree of adventurer.


Types of Camping

  • Base Camping: This type of camping is bare-basic, family-friendly, and packed full of fun and adventure. Base camping usually involves pitching tents for sleeping, firing up propane for cooking and digging holes for bathroom breaks. Base campers love to fish for their dinner, take dips in the lakes and go on day-hikes to reconnect with nature.


  • Wilderness Camping: Trekking with just a backpack full of essentials, wilderness camping is ideal for the extreme adventurer. You choose your route, enlist a friend or two, put on your best pair of hiking boots, and start the journey. This type of camping requires physical fitness as well as survival skills. The camper needs to be educated on the challenges that they may face while on their path such as dehydration, injury or harsh weather. Your backpack should contain water-resistant clothing, water bottle with filtration, compact stove, first aid kit, sanitizer, freeze-dried meals, sunscreen, bug repellent, lighters and a multi tool. You will need to hike a shorter route if you are backpacking with small children and dogs.


  • RV camping: Also known as glamping, RVing to a campground is the perfect option for campers wanting to get away without leaving home behind. Campers start by either buying or renting a fully-serviced and mechanically-stocked vehicle. You’ll need to find a campground that allows RVs ahead of time and reach out to ensure there’s space available. There is usually sewer, electricity and water hookup at the campsite which lends to the home-like atmosphere. And of course, the hiking trails, tranquil lakes, and forest floors should only be a few steps away from the campsite.


  • Cabin camping: The perfect mash-up of rustic and luxury, cabin camping can be interpreted as a relaxing outdoor retreat. You would rent a cabin in the forest, pack your bags, stock the fridge with your favorites, sleep in comfy beds and shower in an actual bathroom. You will then open the door to great fish-filled streams, hiking trails and (hopefully) friendly wildlife. This option is suitable for anyone aged 0 to 103; some cabins can be remote while others are housed near other cabins.


Safe Camping Makes for Happy Campers: General Safety Rules to Live By

Implementing precautions before and during your camping trip will help keep you safe while also keeping your focus on the fun of camping. When you are hiking it is always a good idea to take a buddy with you, and make sure that you have sufficient water and protein-rich snacks in your pack. It is easy to get caught up in the walk; you must pay attention to your body and always be aware of symptoms that may arise. (Remember, you’re at risk of over-exposure whether you’re camping somewhere hot or cold.) Additionally, you should always protect your body with sunscreen and bug repellent, and keep a close eye out for wildlife. Forest fires are a very real problem, so watch your fire once you start one. Make sure that you completely kill the fire when you are done with the flame and always have an extinguisher nearby. Also, never throw cigarettes on the ground or walk away from an open fire.


Regardless of the type of camper you choose to be, one thing is true for all, camping is a moment to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and a time to appreciate nature and create lasting memories.


Author: Michael Bourke (SciCamps.org)

…as seen in Midtown Magazine- March / April 2009

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