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    The Scott-Free Scholarship is need based and pairs at risk children with camps or programs that offer sports, technology, theater, music, arts, and education. Each summer, the recipients will receive full or partial scholarships that enable them to explore and discover the extent of their talents and abilities.
  • How Campers are Selected

    There exists a spectrum on which no two children or family’s needs are the same. Each applicant’s challenges are unique and considered during review by the Scott-Free Scholarship Foundation.

    Children and families are typically referred by teachers, principals, and counselors from participating North Carolina elementary and middle schools. Scott-Free also works with and receives camper recommendations from a number of local nonprofit organizations (SafeChild, The Boys Mentoring Program, Loaves and Fishes, Comfort Zone).

    Recommended applicants must submit applications, which are then reviewed and approved based on a specific criterion which determines their eligibility for a Scott-Free Scholarship. Returning campers, who wish to be considered for summer camp in a subsequent year, are required to complete 3 specific requirements:

    1. Compose an essay detailing their current summer camp experience
    2. Perform a minimum of 4 hours community service
    3. Compose a detailed essay about the community service experience, and submit it along with a signed confirmation letter from the recipient by the designated date in order to be eligible for another summer camp scholarship consideration.

    Scott-Free focuses on school-age children who exhibit a strong work ethic and a positive attitude, putting forth effort to help themselves, who would not have the opportunity to attend well-structured summer camps without the assistance of an organization such as Scott-Free.

Who We Are

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    Deborah Jeffrey Gruder
    Founder & Executive Director
    Even though the idea for Scott-Free was born out of the willingness and actions of one, its success will be realized because of the enthusiasm and generosity of an entire community who stepped in to make sure that a child would know the fun, freedom and camaraderie of a camp environment. For many years Deborrah has participated in non-profit organizations to benefit others. Encouraging individuals and businesses to purchase and enjoy daffodils in late February, during the American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days, proceeds to benefit those battling life threatening cancer. Deborrah was one of the original members of the Assistance League of the Triangle (ALTA), the organization that gave birth to Operation School Bell and for the past 7 years has been an active member of the Walnut Terrace Angel Tree, which provides Christmas for young children and is the sister organization to Scott-Free. both encouraging children to embark on “Journeys Urging Mammoth Possibilities.“

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    Leigh Adams White
    Founding Board Member
    Leigh White is a native of Knightdale, North Carolina. Growing up, Leigh was a competitive soccer player and inline roller speed skater. Her love and drive for soccer enabled her to continue to play the sport at NC State University. Leigh received both her undergraduate degree and master's degree from NC State University. Leigh White lives in Clayton with her husband and their 2 year old daughter, Addison. Leigh is an assistant principal at Clayton Middle School. She has always had a passion for children and believes that all children can be successful. "They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel." -Anonymous

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    Joni Porter
    Founding Board Member
    Joni Porter is a personal trainer at o2Fitness, Raleigh, N.C. This is Joni's passion, and she is grateful about her life and work because she can wake up everyday and love what she does. It allows her to be creative and help give her clients a vision about their own bodies and health. Similarly with the Scott-Free project, she is excited to be a part of helping kids in need reach a goal that empowers them.

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    Mike Riehie
    Board Member & CFO
    Michael is currently works for Morgan Stanley as an IT Financial Analyst and he recently moved to Raleigh from New York City with his wife and two young sons. During high school, Mike was involved in band, drama and hockey. He still plays hockey every week and believes that athletic and artistic activities are a safe and positive force in young lives.

Want To Help?

  • Get Involved

    Due to its program driven budget, Scott-Free can greatly benefit from the support of skilled and dedicated driven volunteers. We invite community members to work along side board members to fulfill the necessary task needed to sustain the mission of Scott-Free.

    Scott-Free is registered with The Caring Connection and is actively recruiting volunteers through www.volunteermatch.org. The organization has utilized volunteers from the North Carolina State University School of Social Work and continues to recruit volunteers through Activate Good.

  • Volunteer Positions Available

    Volunteer support is needed in the following areas of the Scott-Free organization:
    • Camper Placement (camper application process, pairing with appropriate summer camp programs)
    • Administrative (promotional, industry research, correspondence with client stakeholders (camper families and camps)
    • Strategic Business Planning
    • Website development and management
    • Photo/Video Development
    • Social Media Management
    • Event Planning