The Scott-Free Scholarship is need based and pairs at risk children with camps or programs that offer sports, technology, theater, music, arts, and education. Each summer, the recipients will receive full or partial scholarships that enable them
to explore and discover the extent of their talents and abilities.

How Campers are Selected

There exists a spectrum on which no two children or family’s needs are the same. Each applicant’s challenges are unique and considered during review by the Scott-Free Scholarship Foundation.

Children and families are typically referred by teachers, principals, and counselors from participating North Carolina elementary and middle schools. Scott-Free also works with and receives camper recommendations from a number of local nonprofit organizations (SafeChild, The Boys Mentoring Program, Loaves and Fishes, Comfort Zone).

Recommended applicants must submit applications, which are then reviewed and approved based on a specific criterion which determines their eligibility for a Scott-Free Scholarship. Returning campers, who wish to be considered for summer camp in a subsequent year, are required to complete 3 specific requirements:

1. Compose an essay detailing their current summer camp experience
2. Perform a minimum of 4 hours community service
3. Compose a detailed essay about the community service experience, and submit it along with a signed confirmation letter from the recipient by the designated date in order to be eligible for another summer camp scholarship consideration.

Scott-Free focuses on school-age children who exhibit a strong work ethic and a positive attitude, putting forth effort to help themselves, who would not have the opportunity to attend well-structured summer camps without the assistance of an organization such as Scott-Free.

Financial Support and Participation

Scott-Free operates entirely on tax-deductible donations from businesses, private individuals, and partnerships with camps in North Carolina and Virginia. In addition, Scott-Free holds a charitable fundraiser event each year in the Raleigh area for the community to celebrate progress.